Wing World Restaurants Ltd.

About WingWorld

There are a lot of incredible stories about how Wing World got it's name. Here is the one we like best!

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there were many nations wrought with war. Merciless leaders such as King Boredom and Queen Tasteless ruled with an iron fist. One magical morning Princess Brooklyn of the Honey Garlic region and Prince Dawson of the Great Buffalo region met with the two brothers of Sweet and Spicy Thai land, Prince Mickey and Prince Tyler. Together they swore allegiance to fight King Boredom and Queen Tasteless.

A great swelling of support grew as over fifty regions joined the battle; many heroes appeared during this time as the need for them grew, such as King Justin of the flavourful nation of Raspberry Pepper. No one stood alone as all the nations battled to become one great nation under one name. Together they formed what is known today as Wing World. Flavour and fun now ruled the world. Many have now traveled to experience the wonders of Wing World, but few have returned; once you have been there you will never want to return to the land of King Boredom and Queen Tasteless again.

The first Wing World opened in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada in 2003. Soon our brand will extend across Canada and in select locations throughout the United States and beyond.

Our menu is full of fresh, new and delicious foods. The diverse selections of flavours and items sold will change and be added to from time to time, making us even more popular in the future.

Our concept serves up a fun and friendly atmosphere, where good food and good service are consistently delivered.